BioNike Embraces Beauty Oil Trend

BioNike Embraces Beauty Oil Trend

SerumThere’s no doubt – body and skincare oils are a beauty trend that’s here to stay. In the past, skincare products focussed on removing oil. Now, we realise how important they are in helping maintain a healthy skin. BioNike is a range formulated in Italy for sensitive- and allergy-prone skins. Two of APR’s favourite new launches for 2016 have been the 15 Fruit XSense body oil (which can also be used on the hair) and Defence Elixage Huile Serum, which is an anti-ageing oil for use on the face.

Being carefully selected plant-derived oils, they are readily absorbed by the skin. In other words they don’t sit on the surface of the skin and leave an occlusive barrier (and no, you don’t need to worry about oil stains on your sheets and pillows either).

XSense is suitable for all ages and skin types and tones. Elixage is an anti-ageing face care regimen aimed at the 40+ consumer and comprises two day cream options, a night cream and a specialised balm which targets expression lines around the lips and eyes.

They’re available exclusively from Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide or at

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