BioNike Embraces Beauty Oil Trend

SerumThere’s no doubt – body and skincare oils are a beauty trend that’s here to stay. In the past, skincare products focussed on removing oil. Now, we realise how important they are in helping maintain a healthy skin. BioNike is a range formulated in Italy for sensitive- and allergy-prone skins. Two of APR’s favourite new launches for 2016 have been the 15 Fruit XSense body oil (which can also be used on the hair) and Defence Elixage Huile Serum, which is an anti-ageing oil for use on the face.

Being carefully selected plant-derived oils, they are readily absorbed by the skin. In other words they don’t sit on the surface of the skin and leave an occlusive barrier (and no, you don’t need to worry about oil stains on your sheets and pillows either).

XSense is suitable for all ages and skin types and tones. Elixage is an anti-ageing face care regimen aimed at the 40+ consumer and comprises two day cream options, a night cream and a specialised balm which targets expression lines around the lips and eyes.

They’re available exclusively from Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide or at Dischem.co.za.

New businesses, own your intellectual property before someone else does

Your web presence is part of your brand property. Protect it.

When starting off a new business, there are many bases to cover, from registering a company to setting up payroll, securing staff, suppliers and distributors. One that is often neglected by entrepreneurs and brand and product creators is intellectual property.

You’ve got a snappy logo, you’ve chosen your corporate colours, you’ve approved the banner design, and your best friend is hosting your website and curating your site and Facebook page.

And then you have a fallout. Or your friend doesn’t let you know that your domain name needs to be renewed annually. Or he decides he wants to make artisanal beer for a living and he stops taking your calls and ignores your emails. Your Facebook page stagnates, customer queries and comments go unanswered. You can’t access your Twitter account (you do have a Twitter account, right). And now someone has bought up your website domain name and is demanding a king’s ransom to sell it back to you.

All of these avenues are vital customer contact points for your company and help shape your brand reputation. Never hand that ‘brand wealth’ over to anyone else.

But you’re busy and you don’t speak ‘Web’ or ‘Social Media’ so you hire a person or company who does. We get it. But when you do outsource these channels, make sure you have admin rights to all your accounts and that the person or company setting up your website, corporate Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Snapchat account and company LinkedIn page gives you full access. By that we mean you or someone trustworthy in your company can access and log in to all these accounts.

Which is why when we register and set up a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account, we play open cards with our clients. We insist on it. Let us help you set up your online presence. And keep you in the driving seat.

How about a shave? APR teams up with the Sinister Barber at the Joburg production of Sweeney Todd


How about a shave?

The team at APR recently teamed with Crabtree & Evelyn South Africa, Pieter Toerien Productions at Monte Casino and Morgan Price (aka the Sinister Barber Structured Stylist) to entertain the audience on opening night of the grizzly production of Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Morgan, a hair stylist and barber operates from The Crow’s Nest barbershop and tattoo studio in Joburg’s leafy suburb of Parkwood.


A shaving station was set up in the lobby of the theatre and Morgan did a live, good old-fashioned hot shave on audience members. He explained that these days, due to health and safety concerns, barbers don’t use the old cut-throat razor as used by the infamous Sweeney Todd. Instead he uses one that looks like the old cut-throat but with a modern design that incorporates disposable blades, and each blade is replaced with a new one after use.


It may be more hygienic but it’s no less sharp! Crucial to ensuring the skin (and any nicks or cuts) are treated, Morgan reached for an Edwin Jagger Alum Block. Alum is the original antiseptic aftershave. It is dampened before use and rubbed onto the face to close the pores and leave the face feeling smooth.

In all, the live shave was a hit – both men and women were fascinated with this grooming ritual that even when done under the banner of a mass-murdering barber, retains its dapper, old-fashioned gentlemanly air.

Irish Hairdresser of the Year inspired by Die Antwoord

Paul Stafford preparing back stage. (Image: Hugatree)

Paul Stafford preparing back stage for the David Bowie-inspired look. (Image: hugatree)

Multi award-winning Irish hair stylist, Paul Stafford, was recently out in South Africa as a brand ambassador for Denman professional hairbrushes. The looks he created on stage during his visit were all inspired by music legends – clearly a passion of Paul’s – and one of his muses at the moment is Die Antwoord’s ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER.

According to Paul, music movements have been key influences in driving hair style trends over the years and he recreated three looks on stage, each inspired by artists such as Patti Smith, Davie Bowie and ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER. Comments Paul on Facebook: “Not for a long time has a haircut captivated the imagination of so many.” (See more visual inspiration here.)

Pre Twincare International’s recent 2015 Annual Roadshow. Look created by Paul Stafford.

Paul and his wife Leisa run Stafford Hairdressing in Belfast, Northern Ireland (see more of Leisa’s work here.)

Follow Paul on Twitter: @PaulStafford12 and @wearestaffordhair on Instagram.



BioNike makeup for sensitive and allergy-prone skins relaunches at Dis-Chem Pharmacies

rossetto-brillante_DEFENCE-COLOR-LIPSHINE_BIONIKE05b8757It’s a beauty journalist’s dream to have access to a cosmetic scientist such as Dr William Agostini from the BioNike head office in Italy.

He was out with the team to launch the new BioNike Defence Color makeup collection to the beauty press in Joburg and Cape Town and offers press an opportunity to cut through the marketing clutter and get to grips with the truths about makeup claims particularly when it comes to sensitive skins.

BioNike is now the top brand in Italy and offers women with sensitive and allergy-prone complexions a complete range of colour cosmetics. Because BioNike has such stringent controls to ensure minimum irritant potential, the range is able to offer the following:

  • BioNike is not tested on animals and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients including Carmine, a red pigment which is produced from crushed beetles and is commonly used in makeup.
  • The range does not contain Carbon Black, a pigment commonly used to create glossy black eyeliners and mascaras, which can irritate the eyes.
  • The liquid eyeliner and mascara are free from Cetearyl Alcohol, which is often used in eye makeup to speed up the drying time, however can irritate sensitive eyes and skin.
  • The pencil eyeliners are formulated for use on the inner lash line and so are extra soft and gentler to apply to this delicate area.


The BioNike makeup and skincare range is available at Dis-Chem Pharmacies. For more information, call 0860 347 243 or mail careline@dischem.co.za. To read more about the BioNike range, click here.




Aqua-inspired shades from ICE BOX colors

IBC Water Sign July 2015Loving the new ICE BOX colors nautical shades that we are getting ready to send to press for Summer 2015:

  • Before the Storm, a grey-blue.
  • Mermaids are Real, a shimmering turquoise.
  • Bought a Yacht, a brilliant aquamarine shade.
  • The Royal Navy, an inky blue with a sparkling shimmer.


ICE BOX colors are available at selected salons.

And we just had to include these images because, well, they are pretty. (Thank you Pinterest.)



BioNike Defence Color relaunches in SA


BIONIKE is a head-to-toe solutions range for sensitive and allergy-prone skins. Formulated in Italy, the range is preservative-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free and nickel-tested to minimise the irritant potential in products. The BioNike range, which is available exclusively at Dis-Chem Pharmacies, comprises skincare, makeup, baby skincare, men’s skincare, and even hair care.

This month, July 2015, sees the relaunch of Defence Color, which offers colour cosmetics to women who struggle with sensitivity but still want to feel beautiful and glamorous.

The Defence Color makeup range is the result of 50 years of expertise in developing dermocosmetics. The science behind makeup development can be seen in the advanced formulations and the special care that BioNike has taken to offer products that suit all skin types. It brings a contemporary edge to a range of colours that not only elevates the brand profile but is geared to suit most skin tones as well.

The range comprises all the go-to essentials a woman needs to create her favourite makeup look from a primer to foundations, eye colour including liners and mascara, blush and lipsticks and glosses.

Autograph PR will be launching the new colour collection to press in Joburg on 16 July 2015 and on 20 July in Cape Town. Follow @autographpr on Twitter and @Autograph_PR on Instagram for tips, pics and tweets on the day. We’ll have William Agostini, BioNike product formulator to discuss the science behind the new range.


Elsa Kruger launches new Afrikaans beauty blog for over 40s


Long-time friend of the Autograph PR team, beauty journalist Elsa Kruger, recently launched hew new blog, Mooipraatjies Met Elsa, the first stand-alone Afrikaans beauty blog, and with the added bonus of being aimed at women over 40.

Elsa herself has nearly 40 years experience in publishing and has specialised in beauty journalism for nearly 20 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her site and has a keen understanding of the beauty needs of women aged 45+.

It’s a target market that is largely ignored by mainstream media and yet has the spending power to purchase premium beauty and skincare products. We applaud her foresight and look forward staying in touch with Elsa.


Happy 20th birthday Black Opal!

20-yr Innovating Beauty Facebook Timeline photo

Black Opal cosmetics, the colour range for every shade of beauty, is 20 years old this year. Founded in 1994, Black Opal has a strong heritage of catering to the cosmetic and skincare needs of women of colour and offers exceptional product quality at an affordable price. The impressive range of formulas and stunning collection of shades have been created to complement and enhance a woman’s natural beauty.

Black Opal is available at selected Clicks, Foschini, Truworths and Edgars stores nationwide.