Irish Hairdresser of the Year inspired by Die Antwoord

Irish Hairdresser of the Year inspired by Die Antwoord

Paul Stafford preparing back stage. (Image: Hugatree)

Paul Stafford preparing back stage for the David Bowie-inspired look. (Image: hugatree)

Multi award-winning Irish hair stylist, Paul Stafford, was recently out in South Africa as a brand ambassador for Denman professional hairbrushes. The looks he created on stage during his visit were all inspired by music legends – clearly a passion of Paul’s – and one of his muses at the moment is Die Antwoord’s ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER.

According to Paul, music movements have been key influences in driving hair style trends over the years and he recreated three looks on stage, each inspired by artists such as Patti Smith, Davie Bowie and ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER. Comments Paul on Facebook: “Not for a long time has a haircut captivated the imagination of so many.” (See more visual inspiration here.)

Pre Twincare International’s recent 2015 Annual Roadshow. Look created by Paul Stafford.

Paul and his wife Leisa run Stafford Hairdressing in Belfast, Northern Ireland (see more of Leisa’s work here.)

Follow Paul on Twitter: @PaulStafford12 and @wearestaffordhair on Instagram.



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