New businesses, own your intellectual property before someone else does

New businesses, own your intellectual property before someone else does

Your web presence is part of your brand property. Protect it.

When starting off a new business, there are many bases to cover, from registering a company to setting up payroll, securing staff, suppliers and distributors. One that is often neglected by entrepreneurs and brand and product creators is intellectual property.

You’ve got a snappy logo, you’ve chosen your corporate colours, you’ve approved the banner design, and your best friend is hosting your website and curating your site and Facebook page.

And then you have a fallout. Or your friend doesn’t let you know that your domain name needs to be renewed annually. Or he decides he wants to make artisanal beer for a living and he stops taking your calls and ignores your emails. Your Facebook page stagnates, customer queries and comments go unanswered. You can’t access your Twitter account (you do have a Twitter account, right). And now someone has bought up your website domain name and is demanding a king’s ransom to sell it back to you.

All of these avenues are vital customer contact points for your company and help shape your brand reputation. Never hand that ‘brand wealth’ over to anyone else.

But you’re busy and you don’t speak ‘Web’ or ‘Social Media’ so you hire a person or company who does. We get it. But when you do outsource these channels, make sure you have admin rights to all your accounts and that the person or company setting up your website, corporate Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, Snapchat account and company LinkedIn page gives you full access. By that we mean you or someone trustworthy in your company can access and log in to all these accounts.

Which is why when we register and set up a website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn account, we play open cards with our clients. We insist on it. Let us help you set up your online presence. And keep you in the driving seat.

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